• Explore junior players' pathways to success - from beginners to advanced.
    Common mistakes to avoid.
    Handy tips for identifying strengths & weaknesses in your own & your opponents' games.

  • 'Over the board' positions from tournament games to highlight successful strategies & tactics.
    Training with videos & chess apps

  • Play through games of competitors in Australia & overseas using tournament databases (Under 10 to Under 20).

We learn in different ways. Once beginning players have learnt the basic moves and rules of chess, some develop their knowledge of openings before other aspects of the game; others prefer to explore the use of tactics which are a feature of the middlegame. The study of endgames often comes later in a player's development.

Playing through recorded games, especially annotated games from junior tournaments, is a good starting point. Many players at this level are of intermediate strength, with a growing number of advanced players who are competing in Australia & overseas.

'Remember that real improvement takes time and the journey isn't always smooth. Using a good plan of study, you'll see improvement. Take your time !' - Hugh Patterson (chess coach, also a professional guitarist for 30 years)

For more on strategies & tactics:  go to - thylacine3.com






Australian Junior Chess Championship - Sydney 2014